Hi-Topper Top 5 – Snow Day Activities (circa 1988)

Snow Day! Snow Day! Snow Day!

Are there two better words in the English language when you’re a kid? If there are I ain’t heard them yet.

You get a whole day to do whatever the hell you want, homework be damned. So what are the Top 5 Things To Do on A Snow Day (in 1988 cuz you know those darn kids today are just wasting these precious hours watching “prank” videos on YouTube):

5. Game Shows

TV Game Shows ruled the late mornings of the late 80s. Chuck Woolery may be a right wing nut job these days but in 1988 he was hosting 5 different game shows on three channels from 10 AM to 12 PM. Scrabble was a personal fave but you couldn’t beat Classic Concentration with Alex Trabek. That’s an all-timer right there.

4. Ellio’s Pizza, Doritos, and a Coke

The quintessential snow day lunch is microwave pizza. Throw in some Doritos, Nacho or Cool Ranch however you roll is cool, and an ice cold Coke and that’s a little something called Food Heaven.

3. Indoor Hoops on a 7 Foot Jammer

If the elements were just a little too harsh outside then it was time for some indoor athletics and the ultimate bedroom sport was basketball. Nerf hoops were cool but the 7 Foot Jammer was where the real action was at. Bank shots from behind the bed, 360 slams and alley oops off the wall, indoor hoops was a no holds barred, full contact, play till you drop activity.

2. Tecmo Tournaments

After your energy was drained from indoor hoops it was time to plop down on the carpet and get your Tecmo Bowl on. Back in the day you needed actual real life friends in the living room with you, none of this online headset BS the kids pull these days. It’s not real trash talk if the threat of getting punched in the nose for going too far isn’t a real possibility. Double elimination and nobody gets to play as the Raiders. Thems the rules folks.

1. Snow Football

Building a snowman is work not fun. Sledding is cool until you have to drag yourself back up the hill. Snow Football is the snow time activity that’s all fun all the time. You’re wearing ten layers so it’s basically full pads football. The tackling gets real. The diving catches are epic and nobody’s that fast in snow boots and a foot of powder so that kid in the neighborhood who usually runs in circles like Marcus Allen gets slowed to average pace. The playing field is leveled so you’re guaranteed a good matchup even if Johnny No Hands and his kid brother Sammy So Slow are rounding out the teams. Everyone is a Gridiron God when you’re playing tackle football in the snow.

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