Red Sox Cora hates Lefties

New Red Sox Manager (Joey or Alex still not sure which Cora’s which) Cora has some interesting baseball ideologies that he’s looking to implement this upcoming season:

Look the Lil’ Dogg is no baseball expert (the one and only HBT Opinion Giver owns that corner around these parts) but I do know that sometimes you might want to be able to hand the old rawhide over to a Southpaw.

Having an entire bullpen of Righties strikes me (see what I did there) as ummmm…..not a good idea.

But the Silver Lining here is that Cora is willing to think outside the box and go against some of baseball’s outdated “traditions”.

So here’s a quick list of few other tried and true baseball cliches that Hi-Top wouldn’t mind Cora sending to the showers.

Lefties in the Infield

Cora may not like Goofy Footers in his bullpen but how about sprinkling a few across the infield. A lefty Third Baseman could guard the line and a lefty at Second would be nice up the middle. Just sayin’.

The Double Switch

Why does the Senior Circuit have a monopoly on the Double Switch? Let’s start a trend in the American League and get in on that sweet sweet Double Switch action. Hi-Top wants more in game movement of the batting order. Let’s get crazy here folks and really confuse the other American League managers.


Every MLB Park has these signs. How about we make the Red Sox the bad boys of baseball and just start playing Pepper everywhere they go. I’m talking about some serious Pepper action right in-front of the opposing teams dugout. Just Pepper all up in the Yankees grill. Intimidate the hell out of ’em I say.


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