Hot Take Alert – This Houston Rockets Streak is a Jinx

The Houston Rockets defeated the OKC Thunder last night 122-112. This was supposed to be a real test for Houston. It was not and now the Rockets have won 16 straight:

Houston currently sits a half game ahead of GSW in the Western Conference standings and home court advantage in the playoffs would be huge.

So by any logic this win streak is a great thing, right?


In 2008 the Houston Rockets went on a 22 game win streak at the exact same point in the season as this current team’s streak. Those 2008 Rockets ended the year with a 55-27 record.

And lost in the First Round of the playoffs.

Now let’s be clear. These Houston Rockets are not going to lose in the First Round this year. That’s not what the Lil’ Dogg is sayin’ here.

What this pup is sayin’ tho is that the Houston Rockets are peaking TOO SOON. They should be hitting this stride as the Conference Finals begin NOT with 20 games remaining in the regular season.

Any basketball fan worth their Chuck Taylors wants to see a Warriors/Rockets Western Conference Final.

But exerting this much energy on a win streak this late in this season runs the risk of zapping the team before the real season begins.

Facts is facts and these Rockets are not a playoff savvy bunch. Harden had an epic meltdown last year in the post season and Chris Paul’s entire career is tainted with underwhelming playoff runs. These dudes need to go into the playoffs locked and loaded. Carrying the weight of an epic win streak is not the extra baggage these guys need.

Take heed of the Lil’ Dogg’s advice – Catch a few L’s over the next couple of weeks. Finish the season strong by winning your last two or three games but there’s no need to enter the playoffs with a 35 game win streak.

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