Source: Canadiens Done With Claude

HTTA is, obviously as you know, a place for the intelligent and evolved sports fan. We can maintain that aura because we hold true to our own sports fan code. One of the chief rules is NO BLAMING THE REFS.

There’s one guy this weekend, a familiar face, whose actions have earned him our first ever LIFETIME BAN from Hi-Top Nation. That is Montreal Canadiens’ – and former Bruins’ coach- Claude Julien.


ICYMI- First Claude takes aim directly at the Officials for what he thinks was a blown call, implying it cost them the game:

“I think it’s pretty obvious. When your best shooter is on a breakaway and doesn’t get a shot away, I think everybody agrees that it should have been a penalty shot,” Julian said while referencing Sean Kuraly’s first-period slashing minor that broke up a breakaway chance for the Canadiens.


Then, Claude turns the tables on Bruins’ winger Rick Nash:

“What’s embarrassing is (Rick) Nash embellishing (a high-sticking call). The stick hits his shoulder, it doesn’t even hit his face and he embellishes and looks at the referee. “Those are embarrassing things in the game of hockey.”

I know you’ve been an outspoken anti-flopper forever, but how about some self-awareness, Claude…you coach the goddamn Canadiens. That’d be like Mike Dunleavy complaining the Bulls’ were fast-breaking and Showtiming too much in the ’91 Finals.


Frankly, we aren’t surprised by this. Blaming the refs and penalty calls/no calls is a classic sign of desperation. Luckily, we know some people who know some people in the hockey world, and some of those people are very closely tied to the Candiens. One well-placed Canadiens’ source has told us, Claude- just 89 games into his reign- may have already lost control in Montreal.

Our source indicates that some of the key veterans in the room have been questioning Claude’s on-ice system from day 1, and last year’s disappointing 1st Round playoff loss to the Rangers didn’t do anything to help the situation.

The discontent has spilled over to this season, and the results have played out on the ice. The Canadiens (61 points) reside in 14th place in the Eastern Conference after a top four finish last season. The feeling seems to be that Canadiens’ brass is already considering making a move on Julien. As our sources indicate, this would definitely be a welcome change to those in the dressing room.

I have to think these rants are the acts of a guy who’s feeling the walls closing in on him. We salute Claude for (most of) his run here in Boston, but can’t stand by these whiny outbursts, especially from the HC of the Habs. So, as Joe from Joe’s fruit stand would say:






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