NBA Rewind – The Chicago Bulls. They Showed Up

NBA Rewind is Baaaaaaaaaaaack!

It’s been a while folks but the Only League That Matters is getting down to the nitty gritty end of the Regular Season and these games count!

Celtics 105 Bulls 89

No Kyrie no problem as Chicago is in full on tankapalooza mode.

Also Marcus Smart is a very cool human:

Blazers 108 Lakers 103

Breaking News – Dame Lillard is NICE:

Dame had 39 overall and anyone Laker loss is a good loss however barring a lottery night miracle it looks like the Celtics won’t be getting that top draft pick this year.

Bucks 89 Pacers 92

In a matchup of East rivals with playoff implications Indiana edged out Milwaukee:

The loss dropped Milwaukee to 8th in the East seedings.

With roughly 20 games left in the season the playoff picture is tight in each Conference with 2-3 games in the loss column deciding the third through eight seed.

Things are just getting interesting.

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