Guess That Ear

Like sand through an hourglass, as the world turns, another Tuesday, another Ear.

Today’s G.T.E. comes to us straight from 1994…

It’s Rivers Cuomo.

The Lil’ Dogg is a Weezer head going way back. This pup was blasting Pinkerton when everyone else had written the group off as one album wonders.

But I’ll be honest here I hadn’t given the boys a second thought in a few years until I recently stumbled upon their latest effort the White Album:

And I’ll tell you what folks, this album is VINTAGE Weez. There’s four or five absolute stunners that wouldn’t be out of place on a Blue Album reissue. I have no idea when this album was released, maybe a year or two ago so I’m sure you can steam it for free on your preferred platform, I know it’s on Amazon Prime.

Standout Tracks

King of the World

Summer Elaine & Drunk Dori

Jacked Up

Do You Wanna Get High?


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