Bullpen Cars are BACK BABY!!!!!

If there’s one issue that the entirety of the Sports World can get behind it’s the universal opinion that Bullpen Cars were AWESOME:

Well according to the one and only Darren Rovell it looks like the carts are a comin’ back:

Obviously the Oversized Hat is the default standard and for good reason. You slap one on the roof of a golf cart and you’re good to go.

But if MLB is going to be tinkering with tried and true baseball-isms like pace of play in a vain attempt to appeal to “younger audiences” then what better way to appeal to those lazy no-good tech obsessed millennials than by upgrading boring old walking to a conceptual art piece. Let’s get crazy folks. Let’s see some creativity. The Lil’ Dogg wants to see some real thought behind these things. Sure they have to be team specific but surely we can do better than Oversized Hats. If the Oakland A’s don’t get an elephant or at the very least an elephant shaped cart I will be sorely disappointed.

Certainly we can one up a Tugboat (then again maybe not, this thing is classic):

No matter what a win is a win and this news is most definitely a win. Bullpens Carts are back baby!


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