College Hoops Lost Legend – Ali Farokhmanesh

Living the Hi-Topper Life means living life with STYLE. Whatever it is you do, do it with style.

The Hi-Topper Lost Legends Series highlights players who all had one thing in common – style by the mile. They may not have been the best but they had their one shining moment and they looked good gettin’ it done.

Ali Farokhmanesh – Guard Northern Iowa

The year was 2010. The month was March and Ali F. was THE MAN.

Northern Iowa entered the 2010 Tourney as unknowns and left as legends with Farokhmanesh leading the way.

First Ali drills a bomb to beat UNLV in the First Round:

Was that the absolute quintessential College Basketball end of game possession or what? They dribble around the perimeter aimlessly with no plan, no movement and then Ali steps up and nails a 25 footer. Just classic College Hoops right there.

Then it’s on to the Second Round and a matchup up with #1 Kansas (of course it was Kansas).

You wanna talk about Big Ballers let’s talk about Big Ballers with Big Balls. NIU is up 1 on the #1 seed. Every basketball instinct screams run out the clock. But not Ali.

Wait to get fouled? No thanks

Drive to the hoop? Nah.

Casually swish a long range three to put the game out of reach? Sure why not.

That shot alone was enough to secure a place in Hoops History for Farokhmanesh but when you add in a name that rolled off announcers tongues perfectly as he buried long range J’s well that’s how you create a Legend.

Sadly Northern Iowa’s magical run ended in the Sweet Sixteen against perennial Final Four powerhouse Michigan State but the memories remain and Ali Farokhmanesh has a permanent seat at the Hi-Topper Lost Legends table.

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