25 Years Ago Today Manute Bol Invented Modern Basketball

7 footers draining threes may be common place these days but in the 1990s it was unheard of. A Center taking a shot beyond 15 feet was considered basketball heresy.

Then on March 3, 1993 up stepped the one and only Manute Bol:

Manute didn’t just make a few threes. He went 6-12 all in the second half.

And that performance invented the game of basketball as we now know it. So when the Rockets jack up 85 threes tonight it’s Manute who we can thank.

P.S. Manute’s form on these threes is NUTSO. He’s flinging the ball like his arms are sling shots.

P.P.S. Barkley’s reactions are of course priceless:

Rest In Peace Manute. You truly were one of a kind.


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