Virginia beat Louisville by Scoring 5 Points in 1 Second but the Real Story is the Lane Violation

It’s either the Comeback of all Comebacks or the Choke Job of the Century but any way you slice it, Virginia scoring 5 points in 1 Second to beat Louisville will wrap your brain in pretzel.

Most Media Outlets are focusing on the game winning shot. And most Media Outlets are idiots because the most important play of the game is actually a lane violation call.

Here’s the last 20 seconds of game time :

And here’s the nutso play-by-play breakdown:

Virginia misses the third free throw after the (terrible) foul on the three-point shot. That should be game over Louisville wins.

But instead the Ref calls a lane violation!?!?!????

I’ve watched the sequence roughly 3 million times now and I still have no idea who the call is on.

Who calls a lane violation? When was the last time you saw one called?

Now Louisville has to inbound the ball and the dude gets called for a travel cuz the inbound is happening after a turnover. If it was an inbound after a made free throw he’d be free to move.

The Lil’ Dogg has seen a lot of things happen on a basketball court but I’ve never seen a game won and lost on a lane violation.

Game winning shots happen all the time. That’s routine stuff.

But a lane violation deciding a game?!?!!?!?!?

That’s a first folks.


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