Hey LeBron Just Admit You’re Bald and Shave Your Head

Here’s a sentence the Lil’ Dogg thought he’d never type – I feel bad for LeBron James.

Facts is facts and the fact is LeBron is going bald. This has been an open secret for years but now it’s just plain embarrassing. Here’s a picture of LeBron hugging Joel Embiid after last night’s Cavs loss to the Sixers:

That’s some quintessential classic George Costanzo horseshoe male pattern baldness right there folks.

Unfortunately LeBron is an all-time Bald Denier. He just can not come to terms with the natural state of his dome piece.

His hairline has receded and been unnaturally built back up more times than the Nantucket shoreline.

There’s two things in life that remain undefeated for all of eternity. Time is one. And Male Pattern Baldness is the other.

You’ve fought a good fight LeBron. You’ve certainly lasted longer in the ring than the average man. But it’s time. Time to admit defeat and shave your head.

It’s not your fault LeBron. It’s not your fault.

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