Gordon Hayward looks gooooooood

Gordo is back on the court on two feet. And he is lookin’ mighty fine:

Let’s break down the tape.


Perfection. There’s not even the slightest indication this man has ever been injured in his life. This is an NBA Superstar doing superstar things.

Gordo with a Jumper:

The ankle looks strong. No hitch on the landing. Every movement is smooth.

Off the dribble:

No hesitation. Just pure fluidity.

From the line:

Not only does Gordo NOT MISS A SINGLE SHOT, I don’t even think the ball touches the rim once in the entire video.

Just swish after swish after swish.

Now let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Does this mean Hayward will be back next week? No. Certainly not.

But all the Lil’ Dogg is sayin’ is you don’t release a video like this if you aren’t going to be playing in a real deal game for another 9 months.

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