Cavs’ Season is Over: No Soup for You!

In case you missed the most ridiculous in a long season of ridiculous basketball headlines….JR Smith got suspended for a game for throwing a bowl of soup?! At his coach?! What the f-rench onion is going on in “The Forest City”? 

jr smith

I got to say, I’m on high alert when it comes to the goings on in “Plum City”. The shine is off the new pieces they brought in at the deadline, and last night’s loss to Philly puts them at 2-3 since the break, and another game behind the C’s and Raptors.

To make matters worse, over the past week or so you have some nut job billionaire from Philly buying up billboards in “The Sixth City”, aimed to lure Lebron to the ‘6-ers next season, which must have “C-Land” in full on panic mode.

Now, JR Smith is throwing soup at an assistant coach?

Soup nazi

I have a lot a questions about this. The obvious being, was it a broth-based soup, like a chicken noodle…or was it a chowder? My guess is it wasn’t a chowder…chowder would have to be an automatic 3 games.

I also want to know, was the coach injured? Most soups are hot…nothing worse than eating a room temperature bowl of soup. That’s just disgusting. I guess it could have been a gazpacho. But call me nuts, I just don’t see JR Smith as a gazpacho guy.

Now, and perhaps most importantly, why are the eating soup at the team facility? A nice bowl of soup goes a long way, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not exactly providing you with sustenance. Certainly not a meal I want my professional athletes eating on game day. It’s a glorified appetizer. And unless they were 2 courses into a 5 course Game Day Chef’s Pre-Fixe, I am very concerned.


I know there are rumors Gilbert wants to sell and bail  on “The North Coast”, and they are way over their heads on salaries, but SOUP?!  Even Brad Pitt made sure Dave Justice got some cereal in the A’s locker room….and traded for a stocked soda machine. The Cavs, 20 months removed from bringing a title to “The Rock and Roll Capital of the World”, are stuck eating SOUP before games.

That’s all she wrote folks. Spell it out in your alphabet soup, JR. The Cavs’ season is O-V-A-H…OVAH.


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