Robert Kraft, care to explain this one????

Robert Kraft has a very young girlfriend.

Ok I get that part.

They’ve been together for five years. This is important.

The girlfriend gave birth to a child. Congratulations!

Robert Kraft is “thrilled” but also not the father.

Ummm what??????

So your very young girlfriend who totally loves you and is not just using your old rich ass as a human ATM gets pregnant by someone else, has the kid and you are “thrilled”.

The Lil’ Dogg is very confused.

I suppose you gotta just chalk this one up to an old rich dude having so much money that he gives zero effs about anything anymore.

You want a house?


Oh you want to live 5000 miles away from me, clear across the country?

Okay. That’s totally normal and not suspicious at all.

Your pregnant? Is it mine?

No. Great. No paternity payments and you’ll still pretend to be my “girlfriend”. Oh wait I’m supporting you and now a child too. Why the hell not? I’m gonna take a nap. I’ll call when I need you to show up and not cringe while I parade you around at some photo op.

Good for Riki Lander. Go get yours and take this dumbass for all he’s worth.


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