Best Bets for NFL Combine: Le Cap’s Locks!


Le Capitaine likes a taking (or getting! Hi-Yoooo!) a little action once in while…so when my man, the NFL Guru himself, Bennygloves sent me a link to some NFL “Football Special Odds”…you know I had to check it out.

Now, we’re not giving out the site, because we don’t want to play favorites- unless the site wants to throw us a few bucks, or hell, even a free membership and like a $10 coupon- but let’s just say you can google it for the complete set of odds.

I’mma pick out a few of my faves for ya:


Football- Coin toss

Coming out swinging right away with the coin-toss bet. Always a favorite at the Super Bowl, one wonders if the league specifically chose this method for the draft, simply to capitalize on the huge coin-toss-centered betting market.

Now, the Raiders are favored here…and -130 is astoundingly steep for a LITERAL coin toss. Because I’m not a complete idiot, I’m taking is the 49ers. But, hey, maybe Vegas knows something??? Seriously, though, if you take the Raiders at -130 you are the world’s biggest moron.



Football- Wonderlic.png

The Wonderlic is a test that doesn’t seem to directly correlate with any other test, and  nobody knows how any of these guys would do/have done on any other tests anyway. We have only seen them on the field, heard them speak, and read what others (with vested interests) have said about them.

With that said…I’m going with the Chalk here and taking Josh Allen +130. I imagine that he lives in an off-campus ice fishing cabin and does nothing but read fine works of literature and break down film.

And throw a few units down on Lamar Jackson +1000…why not shoot for the moon.


This particular site has bets on several top recruit’s 40 times and vertical jumps, Barkley, Jackson, Guice and Ridley to name a few. I find this fascinating in and of itself…so just pick your favorites and bet away.

I’ve picked out a couple:


Football Minkah


I don’t know if 37.3 is high, and don’t know if he can do it, but I’m taking Over -115 because the average Joe on the street couldn’t tell you if Minkah Fitzpatrick was an Alabama D-back, or a Victoria’s Secret Model seen on Leo Decaprio’s yacht.


Football- vea

NO BRAINER here. My old gamblin’ mentor, Steve “Ace” Sanders always told me…whenever you have a chance to bet on a fat guy running….you take it! Got to bet the Under -115, because if you bet against the fat guy, and he loses, it’s not that exciting, and it’s a little mean.


Football- shuttle

This is the BIG ONE…I want you to take half of your total units you’re playing on the combine, and put it on this one. Why, you ask? Lemme learn you sumthin’

Well…the shuttle run is really only relevant at the combine. Nowhere else are they timing shuttle runs for anybody. There is absolutely no way for Vegas to handicap this.

Also, there is no way for them to know which way the action is going to come in. Everyone knows the public likes to root for points…so the Over is always the more popular total. Or they account for the size and betting patterns of a particular fanbase. But “How the public feels about Shuttle Run Times” is not a particularly accessible metric.

It’s a guessing game. And since we’re already betting on guys we hardly know, performing tasks only tangentially related to the sport they play, in conditions they never have and never will do them again….LET IT RIDE ON A GUESS!!!


One comment

  1. So there is like instagram hype of Barkley doing 30 rep’s at 225… that would be mind blowing with the rest of the numbers he is going to put up at the combine. he is definitely my pick to “win” the combine. I think his bench press and Vea’s 40 are the marquee events this year.


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