Gronk Inching Closer and Closer to WWE???

Gronk tweets about Mojo Rawley:

Mojo Rawley instagrams about Gronk:

Sensing a pattern here???????

Gronk goes deep on his connection to Mojo in the above tweet. There’s a really family bond that goes back years.

So all this means Gronk is closer to leaving the NFL for the WWE, right?

Not so fast my friend. The Lil’ Dogg sees a fatal flaw in the Gronk to WWE theory.

Rob is the only “successful” pro athlete in the family. The other brothers had cups of coffee but are all out the League now. Have any of them turned to Pro Wrestling?????

Why would the most successful member of the family abandon his sport for the WWE when none of his less successful brothers have done so. Obviously the Gronk Clan loves wrestling and Gordy Sr apparently has some ins with the company. So why aren’t Gronks #2-4 in the wrestling biz???

Cuz for all the shadiness of the NFL, the world of pro wrestling makes football look like….ummm…the Boy Scouts….no….the Vatican…..definitely not…..damn there really is no squeaky clean organization left on the world huh? Anywho you get the point. Vince McMahon is the scum bag of all scumbags and the Gronks know this.

Gronk will play for the Patriots next season you can pencil that one in ink. He’ll continue to dangle this WWE junk until his contract gets renegotiated and he may even pop up next to Mojo in the ring a few times but he will never ever trade his helmet and shoulder pads for a one piece and knee high boots.

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