The Can Can Man

Anthony Davis is having a moment:

Davis is averaging 43 ppg for the month of February. The NO ‘Cans are on a six game winning streak and currently sit 5th in the West.

When Boogie Cousins went down and out for the season with a severe foot injury most NBA observers pegged the ‘Cans as the newest citizens of Tankville.

Anthony Davis is having none of that.

Davis has put the ‘Cans on his back and has become the singular force that he’s long promised to be.

Maybe you could have ventured after the Cousins injury that Davis on his own could drag N.O. to the 7th or 8th seed but to have the ‘Cans in 5th, two games back from the 3 seed was unfathomable. Now granted the race in the West (aside from GS and Houston) is tighter than a *insert your own inappropriate joke here* but the fact that New Orleans is in the thick of things is a testament to just how dominant Davis can be when he’s healthy.

Boston Celtics fans (and by most reports Boston GM Ainge most especially) have long held to an (improbable) fascination of seeing Davis in Green.

Well that fascination just got even more improbablererer.

Any potential Free Agency for Davis is years away. The Celtics no longer have the pieces for a trade (which would have involved some serious names in addition to the Brooklyn pick – bottom line the trade ship sailed away with the Kyrie deal).

And to be frank Celtics Nation should be fine with all of this. The Green have their Big 3. They probably won’t play together until next year (wink wink Gordo) but there’s simply no room for Davis in Boston. Brown and Tatum are on the cusp of stardom already. If they reach their potential that’s two more (homegrown) capital S Stars.

PG – Kyrie

SG – Jaylen

F – Tatum

F – Gordo

F – Horford

I’ll take that Crunch Time lineup 8 days a week and twice on Sunday, thank you very much.

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