Hi-Top Top 39 – Best Pop Punk Songs

Pop Punk music is stupid. The songs are simple. The lyrics are dumb. And guess what? That’s the whole damn point.

The heyday of Pop Punk was the late 90s into the early 2000s but the genre goes all the way back to the well the sixties if you count some early garage joints as Punk but for the sake of the Lil’ Dogg’s sanity let’s just say Pop Punk started with the Ramones. And sure we could also get into a dissertation on the differences between Pop Punk and Emo and Screamo and a million other splinter genres but for our purposes here let’s just agree that anything with three chords and a catchy as hell chorus is Pop Punk. Basically you know it when you see it and if there’s one thing the Lil’ Dogg knows it’s Pop Punk.

We could do the Top albums but they’d all be Blink 182 (kidding but not this whole list could be Blink but I’ve limited myself to 5 songs) and there are some really great one off songs by bands that made terrible albums so let’s go real deep and do…

Hi-Top Top 39 Pop Punk Songs of All-Time

39. New Found Glory – It’s Been a Summer

NFG pops up a few times on this list. These Florida boys showed up in the wake of Blinks success and were pretty quickly eclipsed by the next wave of Emo bands but there killer guitar hooks definitely had a moment in the sun.

38. Fall Out Boy – Chicago is So Two Years Ago

37. The Academy is… – Slow Down

FoB label mates who appeared and disappeared just as quickly but this song kicks.

36. Fenix TX – Phoebe Cates

Songs about Phoebe Cates. Yes Please.

35. Generation X – Ready Steady Go

The OGs. Led by Billy Idol. This song is the template.

34. Taking Back Sunday – You’re So Last Summer

TBS has to be considered a Top 5 Emo group. A ton of great songs but I’m partial to their early stuff.

33. American Hi-Fi – Flavor of the Weak

Great song. Terrible everything else.

32. Sugarcult – Bouncing Off the Walls


31. Get Up Kids – Forgive and Forget

The Emo Godfathers. The Band that launched a thousand bands.

30. Goldfinger – Here in Your Bedroom

29. Pennywise – Bro Hymn

Cali Bros in the House. Apparently this is a huge hockey rink anthem these days.

28. Armor for Sleep – Car UnderWater

27. Finch – What it is to Burn

A couple of second wave Emo groups with one great song.

26. Motion City Soundtrack – Everything is Alright

25. Nerf Herder – Van Halen

Is it Pop Punk or 90s alt???? A little of both I suppose but it’s my list so they make the cut.

24. Unwritten Law – Seein’ Red

A personal fave.

23. Green Day – J.A.R.

The only good Green Day song. Sorry facts is facts.

22. New Found Glory – Head on Collision

21. Taking Back Sunday – Decade Under the Influence

20. Brand New – Jude Law and a Semester Abroad

Celebrate the art not the artist and move on I guess.

19. Fall Out Boy – Grand Theft Autumn

Early Fall Out Boy is the only Fall Out Boy I acknowledge.

18. All Time Low – Weightless

The last gasp of pop punk but one hell of a killer song to go out on.

17. Ash – Girl From Mars

Ash was sometimes amazing and sometimes terrible. This one falls in the amazing category.

16. Ramones – Beat on the Brat

The Ramones. Of course.

15. Blink 182 – Emo

14. Sum 41 – In Too Deep

Basically the only Sum 41 song worth a snot.

13. Fall Out Boy – Champagne for My Real Friends Real Pain for My Sham Friends

12. Blink 182 – Going Away to College

11. Wax – California

More famous for its video. But the song is just peak three chord punk.

10. Ramones – Wanna Be Sedated

9. Blink 182 – Wendy Clear

8. Jimmy Eat World – A Praise Chorus

7. Jimmy Eat World – Sweetness

Jimmy Eat World transcended Pop Punk and most of their songs are just “rock” but a few are just too perfectly pop punk to call otherwise.

6. The Undertones – Teenage Kicks

Another killer OG tune.

5. Face to Face – Disconnected

Just an absolute pop punk banger. A classic. A perfect song.

4. Fall Out Boy – Sugar We’re Going Down

3. New Found Glory – My Friends Over You

2. Get Up Kids – Mass Pike

Last night on the Mass Pike I feel in love with you. Heard it a thousand times and then it actually happened. Life is funny.

1. Blink 182 – Dammit

I could write a million word on why Blink is the greatest and someday I will but this one started it all and it’s also the best. It’s a loaded up heroin shot of pop punk straight into your veins. It’s Blink at their purest (even without Travis). It’s everything a pop punk song could and should be.

Facts is facts. Those are the 39 best Pop Punk songs and the Lil’ Dogg is never wrong.


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