Hi-Top Endorses the NRA (National Restaurant Association)

I’ve seen a lot of news about large corporations, and countless Americans pulling their support of the NRA. I’ll be honest…I don’t fully understand why. This kind of came out of nowhere to me. 

I, Le Capitaine, on behalf of our entire organization at Hi-Top Table Athletics, hereby proclaim our official endorsement of the NRA.


I know it may be controversial, but we are stand up guys. We’re not afraid to step forward and give our support to an organization comprised of great people, who fight tirelessly for the rights and advantages of all of their members across this great Nation.

It’d be easy to sit on our hands, and not say anything. I feel it’s my duty, to speak out about this….injustice.


The NATIONAL RESTAURANT ASSOCIATION is THE LARGEST foodservice trade organization in the world (by membership), and they support over 500K restaurant businesses. They work across state and local lines, taking on any hurdles- financial or regulatory- before it can impact their members’ bottom lines.

As many know, the restaurant business is a tough one to navigate. Even the most knowledgeable restaurant owners face a tough, uphill battle, and often have steep odds stacked against them. But is the protected right of every American to own and operate their own restaurant, if they so wish. And the NRA is there as a great partner for these folks, backing them on every step along the way.

A quick visit to the NRA’s website reveals a vast array of resources and guidance they offer to their members.

NRA Advocacy

Many restaurant owners put all of their money into their business- their dream- and have come to rely on organizations like the NRA to work on their behalf, to ensure they are treated justly and fairly.

It’s truly lost on me why any Americans would feel that this is an organization not worthy of their support. This is why, I, and we at HTTA, are here to STAND BY THE NRA (National Restaurant Association). And we URGE you to do the same!!!

Heads up…make sure you visit the right website. There is apparently some other group that also uses the name “NRA”….and they seem NUTS!!!!!

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