Weekend Retro Rewind 02/23/2018

Hey Hi-Toppers,

Welcome back to the Weekend Retro Rewind where each week I give out my recommendations for classic (and let’s be honest mostly not so classic)  movies, albums, and occasional television shows that you should check out over your weekend! No theme this week, as well as no television show. Just keeping it simple for this weekend as to not overwhelm you all post Olympics. We all need a break from the old tube this weekend I’d say. Or maybe not… I didn’t even watch most of the Olympics. Anyway… ON WITH IT!


1. Movie – Weird Science 


On a trip to Portland, ME last week I picked up a ton of old VHS tapes. Why? Because I’m a nerd and like watching terrible quality VHS tapes like I did when I was younger. Weird Science was among the tapes I purchased, for the low price of $0.30, and I forgot how much I loved this flick. Now, it may not be the best John Hughes joint out there, but I think it is slightly underrated and not nearly as beloved as it should be. Everything from the obvious sex appeal of Anthony Michael… err… I mean Kelly LeBrock to the amazing performance of Bill Paxton as Chet, the douchebag older brother (a greeaasy pork sandwhich served on a dirty ash tray!), this movie has it all; including, but not limited to, a super young Robert Downey Jr. (Fun Fact: He was only credited as Robert Downey in this one). I mean, it also has one of the greatest theme songs ever. Tell me that song isn’t stuck in your head right now as you read this. You’re a damn liar if you say no. Plus, it may contain the greatest 80’s teenage party ever thrown. What other 80’s teen movie party was broken up by a gang of roving, mutant biker thugs? None of them. Jake Ryan’s house ain’t got shit on Wyatt Donnelly’s.



2. The Darkness – Permission to Land


I recently stumbled back on this early 00’s gem a couple of weeks ago. I thought this album was great when it came out and recently was under the impression that it probably wouldn’t hold up. To my surprise it actually did. This record is fun as hell and knows exactly what it is. It’s just a great 80’s glam rock throwback album. It’s too bad this band didn’t go further, but when your first single is as catchy as I Believe in a Thing Called Love, its hard to really top that. Regardless, you should absolutely give this album another listen. It’s just a good time.



Well there it is Hi-Toppers. Until next weekend, this is the Sophomore signing out.

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