Sam McGuffie pulled a Hershel Walker and is bobsledding in the Olympics

Sam McGuffie? The name sounded familiar when it flashed across the screen as a member of the 4 Man US Bobsled team.

That Sam McGuffie??? The Freshman stud Running Back at Michigan years back? The dude who used to jump over defensive backs all the time?

Yes that Sam McGuffie pulled a trick out of Hershel Walker’s book and took up bobsledding. And now he’s in the Olympics.

Obviously it takes a ton of dedication to pull something like this off and actually make it all the way to the Olympics but it’s kind of shocking that it doesn’t happen more often. Big time college athletes in basketball or football who can’t make the pros but are athletic specimens taking up Olympic only sports seems like a no brainer. If Felipe Lopez and Al Harrington had taken up Handball in 1998 there’s no doubt we’d have a string of Gold Medals from the early 2000 Olympics right?

Somebody at the USOC needs to get on this stat. I want every second round NBA draft picking getting Handball fliers in the mail the day after they get cut from preseason.

The USA is what third or fourth in the Medal count? Can’t have that and this is the obvious solution right here.

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