Major NCAA Programs in Violation of Rules: NO SHIT

A bombshell dropped today with the report that many major and successful college hoops programs have violated NCAA regulations. Over 20 Division programs and several athletes have been implicated by this investigation, with charges of bribery, illegal loans, cash gifts and payments to players and their families among others. Some previously unscathed institutions, such as the Duke Blue Devils (you have NO IDEA how happy that makes me) are included in the scandal.

The most remarkable thing about this, though, is that there is some “actual” Fake Outrage out there…as if anyone should be surprised by anything about the NCAA.


But, sadly, as should be expected, there are those who are either sanctimonious douchebags, or just plan stupid, who just “can’t believe” this could have been going on:

NCAA Scandal- Huge.png

NCAA Scandal- Dicky V

NCAA Scandal- Shocked


Really guys? Didn’t you see the early 90’s Documentary, Blue Chips.  If you don’t believe there is a dude out there who’s momma really got a tractor, then I have a bridge to sell you.

No matter how many wins have been vacated, Heisman’s have been returned, and jobs John Callipari has gotten, people will always pretend rules violations only happen once in awhile. The truth is, this investigation is just like the BALCO one in baseball. People pretend they’re putting on the one existing fire…but there are hundreds of other fires burning…and more about to start.


To the credit of some people with brains in the sports-media world, they aren’t acting too surprised. Instead they are choosing to use this as a jumping off point to address the more serious, underlying issues. Chief among them, the NCAA making BILLIONS off of athletes who are essentially forced to play for these programs for free, and the fact that investigations into sexual and domestic assaults often take a backseat to figuring out if some recruit’s mom got her 2010 Toyota Tercel paid off by an agent.

Now, I’m not going down that worm-hole…it’s a completely different conversation, and one I think I want Lil’ Dogg to take a stab at.

I’m just here to marvel at the FAKE OUTRAGE quotient today…which realistically should be ZERO POINT ZERO PERCENT of people, but it’s trending much higher than that.

Oh, and to shit on Duke. I’m always here to shit on Duke.


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