Jocelyne Larocque Ain’t got time for no Silver Medal

Congrats to the US Women for winning Gold in Hockey for the first time in 20 years but no matter how great that shootout goal was it was promptly upstaged by Jocelyne Larocque (can that name get anymore French Canadian ehh):

Second place is first loser (trademark – HTTA) so Ms. Larocque having no use for a Silver Medal just shows what kind of competitor she is and Hi-Top respects that. You play to win the game (also trademark – HTTA).

Larocque won 2 National Championships in college and a Gold in 2014 Sochi so she knows winning. Now some would say she’s a sore loser and have some sportsmanship and all that but facts is facts and winners win and losers lose and now that’s she’s lost well she’s a loser and that Silver Medal is just a shinny reminder of the Gold Medal winning USA freight train that knocked her straight to Loserville.


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