Trust the Shamrock

The real season starts now!

(Well actually Friday but you get the point)

The Celtics are 40-19, 3 back in the loss column behind Toronto, yes Toronto but also 3 up on Cleveland for whatever that’s worth. And it’s worth plenty cuz the NBA doesn’t really put it’s All-Star Break in the middle of the season. The Celtics have already played 59 of their 82 games. That leaves 23 games in the “second half” of the season.

Not much room for error cuz seeding is going to matter.

Here’s the current Eastern Conference standings:

How it plays out no one knows but everyone and their momma can agree that playing the Bucks in the 3-6 matchup would not be ideal. Nobody wants to be across the court from Giannis when he finally realizes he’s Superman. And trust the new look Pistons will be in that 6-8 mix as well though with Monroe the Celtics matchup better with Detroit than we did earlier in the year.

You can only control the things that you can control (that’s some deep Zen shit right there so don’t be alarmed if you can’t grasp the concept in this moment). Putting all the Gordo Returns dreams to the side, the group we have has to perform better down the stretch – that’s a given. If we don’t see a renewed focus in the games right after the break then get worried.

But until the final whistle blows we can trust in the guys in green, trust Coach Brad and above all TRUST THE SHAMROCK.

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