Jaylen Brown Scores 35 in Rising Stars Game

The Rising Stars “game” is beyond meaningless and really is a basketball game in name only. Mostly the event is an alley-oop dunkfest that makes the actual All-Star Game look like an ultra competitive knife fight.

The game was a shortened 40 minutes long and the score was still 155-124. The World won. Congrats World.

But the J-Train did drop a cool game high 35:

Does this matter at all? No. But also Yes.

If you look at past records of Rising Stars Games the highest scorer ever was Kevin Durant with 46. Westbrook had 40. Kyrie Irving dropped 34 in his game and Amar’e Stoudemire scored 36 in his.

That’s nice company to be in for the J-Train.

These stats mean absolutely nothing but the facts is that future stars have a history of showing up big when they were Rising Stars.

Does this guarantee future stardom for Brown. Of course not but it does show that he wants his big slice of the pie.

He could have easily shown up, been a wallflower, took a few shots and enjoyed the experience. But instead he came out aggressive and really went for his. That’s a good sign for Celtics Nation. We need an engaged and active Jaylen who isn’t going to shrink away in the big moments.

This is the version of J-Train we need to see for the final push into the playoffs. A Jaylen who wants the ball and is looking to make the game his.

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