Le Cap’s Tool Belt Award: NCAA Basketball


In the latest version of the NCAA sucking all of the fun out of life, we have the incident that played out last night during the Arizona- Arizona St. game.


What you’ve just seen is an NCAA official eject a Arizona cheerleader from a basketball game. For what, you ask….for using his megaphone and cheering.  Certainly he must’ve done something uncalled for, and offensive, to warrant such a serious punishment.

Not so much, as it turns out. According to Randy McCall’s account, the official that tossed him, “He said ‘Not today, Remy’ ” apparently speaking to ASU guard Remy Martin (an all time great name, btw).

Now, according to NCAA Rule Book, Section 8, a cheerleader shall not commit unsportsmanlike acts, or use musical instruments or other…..BLAH BLAH BLAH. Jesus…are we serious. I think anyone would struggle to call what this cheerleader did “Unsportsmanlike”. If he was telling “Yo Mama” jokes, or talking about the guy’s girlfriend or something…ok. But he said “Not today, Remy”. What are we trying to do here, NCAA?

Distracting guys at the free throw line is one of the great things in basketball.


Who better to lead such an effort, cheering for your team, than a CHEER- LEADER?!?!  We here at HTTA are very Pro-Cheerleader. We love ’em all.

I blame the NCAA for their over-legislation of fun out of sports. I also blame Randy McCall for his rash judgement call, and apparent hatred of fun. I’ve decided, because of their joint actions, to award them each a Le Cap’s Tool Belt Award. Congrats, you tools!



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