That’s So Bengals

Bengals backup QB AJ McCarron won a grievance against the team today, the result of which is that he will immediately become an unrestricted free agent. This is the most Bengals result possible. At a time in the NFL when there is no more valuable commodity than a young quarterback with potential, the Bengals will lose theirs with zero compensation. They really Bengaled this one up.


This disaster dates back to 2014, when apparently the Bengals were Bengaling around with the roster, and kept the QB on the NFI Injury list much longer than they should’ve and it cost McCarron a year of service. How obvious and blatant a Bengaling of the rules must this have been, if this guy can prove it beyond a reasonable doubt….FOUR YEARS LATER?!

To the Bengals’ credit, they did try to trade McCarron at the deadline this year. But in typical Bengals fashion, they chose the wrong trade partner…the Browns. The Browns were a sinking ship. The Bengals chose to deal with them anyway, left it until the last minute at the deadline, and of course, The Browns forgot to fax over the paperwork…as we covered here.

Blame the Browns if you wish, but if you ask your 9 year old to drive your car, don’t be surprised when he Bengals it around a tree…know what I mean? Who entrusts the Browns to do anything of importance? The whole thing was Bengaled from the start. And the Bengals deserve the Brown stain Cleveland left on them.


At the end of the day, McCarron will leave Cincinnati and almost certainly end up being a better QB than Andy Dalton. Because, well, Bengals.

The Bengals, in a stunning turn, look like even worse of an organization than they did this time yesterday.

But I’m sure this won’t Bengal them up too much, they weren’t going to do shit anyway. They brought back Marvin “0’fer Playoffs” Lewis, so they were set on a course to the bottom of the ocean anyway. This just makes them easier to laugh at from a distance.










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