Sox Need to Give this OF $125M…right now!

Spring Training has started, and the first order of business for Dombo and the brain trust should be to immediately give an outfielder 125 million bucks.

red sox

As we have heard through recent Boras and Red Sox plants in the media, the offers on the table to JD Martinez are somewhere in the vicinity of 100-125 Million for 5 years. I think they should pull the offer immediately. Maybe give him a 1 year, 30M offer. Short term, prove-it deal. If he doesn’t want it…take a hike.

The player I’m giving the long term, $125M deal to is….Andrew Benintendi.

I don’t care that he’s only going to make about 1.5M the next two years combined…and that he can’t be a free agent for 5 more years…LOCK HIM UP NOW. The way contracts are going for arbitration- eligible players —  through the roof — once a guy gets close to those years (2020-22 for Benintendi) there is no real incentive not to wait for free agency. So if you want to get one of those team friendly deals…you have to do it really early.


That’s absolutely what the Sox should do with Benny Biceps*.

*credit name to Jared Carabis

Now, if you’re not sold on Benny…I’m not sure I can help you. He’s lock to hit for average, he’s at least a 20/20 threat every year, he’s a great athlete, and let’s just say, if you thought the ladies bought a lot of Jacoby Ellsbury t-shirts…this guy will move Merch. Eight out of every 10 chicks at the Cask will have an AB jersey on by Mid-May. Hell, I will.

They can offer him a 7 year deal, for roughly 125M (truth be told I’d go to $140), and I think there’d be a decent shot he accepts it.

He ends up with security, and it could be structured so that he makes a hell of a lot more in the first 4 years than he would’ve by not signing, and you make the back end of the deal out to a respectable AAV of 22-25 million. He also gets to still enter free agency as a 29 year old.


They (the Red Sox) buy out two years of free agency, keeping a cornerstone around for two more prime production years. Something they’ve effed up with their other young stars.

Whether or not you even want(ed) them to make a deal to lock up guys like X or Betts, doesn’t matter. The cat is out of the barn on them. Bogaerts is making 7.5m and Mookie 10.5m this season…plenty of money to sit on while they bet on themselves and bide their time until free agency.

With Betts, especially, some of media chirpers (What up, Mazz) will have you believe this year’s arbitration stand-off made it so that he wouldn’t sign a long term deal. The fact is, he’ll sign here when he’s a FA if you give him the most money. Period. You aren’t getting a discount because you waited too long, not because you hurt his feelings. If you moved on him after the 2015 season though…maybe you would have. They tried before last season…and that was too late. He was already an MVP candidate. Don’t make the same mistake again.

Everyday they don’t lock up Benintendi, the price tag goes up. I’d make the move now, get some cost certainty, and extend the window with one of your cornerstone guys. And tell JD Martinez to take a hike.



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