NBA Fight – Rondo v IT

The current players on the Celtics seem to have lost their ability to scrap and fight so that leaves it to two former C’s to throw down.

Last night during the Lakers and ‘Cans matchup the respective Point Guards squared off – Rajon Rondo v Isaiah Thomas:

Apparently these two have beef stemming from comments Rondo made regarding the whole IT tribute video debacle.

Rondo (rightly) questioned the credentials for IT getting a tribute video on Paul Pierce Night.

Reports are saying Rondo was talking trash to IT about the video issue prior to the kerfuffle (let’s be honest, even by NBA standards that was no “fight”).

Both players received double Techs and were each ejected.

As for the actual 2018 Boston Celtics, well their efforts last night against the Clippers resembled Rondo and IT’s fake fighting style – basically a whole lot of nothing. Once again they put themselves in a hole early although they managed to dig back faster than usual. Down only two heading to the fourth it looked like the Celtics had gotten control of the game. Then DeAndre Jordan took over. Jordan had 30 points but more importantly he hit 8-9 Free Throws. Hack-a-Jordan did not work.

This was a bad loss. At home against a weak opponent, if you are a true contender these are the types of games you win by sheer will. You gut it out. Early in the season the Celtics were doing just that but since returning from on the London trip they just are not getting wins when they should. Tough but true.

The All-Star Break is here and not a moment to soon. These Celtics need the time off. I actually wish Jayson Tatum was not playing in the Rising Stars Game. He’s one that really really REALLY needs the time off to get his mind and body right. It’s been said before but bears repeating, he has not been the same shooter since dislocating his finger.

Here’s to hoping Tatum plays five minutes and uses the rest of the Weekend as motivation to become a real deal All-Star. J-Train too.


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