Hi-Topper Top 5 – Best NBA All-Star Game Uniforms

This year’s All-Star game unis are hot garbage. Actually they’re more like uninspired garbage because they are just black and white versions of the normal team uniforms.

But in past years the NBA trotted out some truly interesting looks for the annual All-Star showdown. Some years were interestingly awful and others were secretly great. Let’s count down the five best.

Top 5 NBA All-Star Uniforms

5. 1996

The mid 90s were the “theme” years. The 96 game was held in San Antonio so we got a Texas theme. The teal (that’s teal right?) was an interesting choice for “Texas” but I like it.

4. 1984

Simple. Classic. The star accents are great. Just a real sharp look here in 84.

3. 2003 via 1985

The NBA used the 1985 jersey in 2003 for Jordan’s last All-Star game. Similar to 84 but less stars and with ” NBA” added just in case you were confused and thought you were watching the MLB All-Star game and not the NBA. But I love the touch of the Jerry West logo. I’d buy this jersey right now.

2. 1995

The 1995 Phoenix game jersey is probably the most iconic of all. Instantly recognizable. The colors were bold. The Star is…kind of weird. These jerseys definitely took their knocks through the years but looking back now 20+years later there pretty great. They certainly scream mid 90s but isn’t that the point – to make a mark, to be remembered.

1. 1978

These Jersey are just plain DOPE. The red white and blue is classic, the accents and touches are on point and the cross section of the Conference names and “Stars” is genius. This is Throwback Heaven right here. 10/10. A+.

That’s it. That’s the list. Facts is facts and this year’s jersey are whack. Hopefully next year the NBA gets a little inspired and tries something, anything to spice up the All-Star look. Hell maybe start with some color.

*h/t to @uniwatch for the jersey pics.


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