NBA Rewind – Everyone is Going Streaking

Streaks! Every team in the NBA seems to be on a winning streak these days. How is it possible for everyone to win? They must be all taking turns playing the Suns.

Toronto has won six straight.

The Rockets have won 9 in a row.

The Kings got 1. That’s a pretty good streak for them.

The Jazz have won 10 on the bounce but they didn’t play last night. The Cavs did though and they’ve now won 4 straight.

So who’s the biggest story in the NBA? The Jazz and the Rockets are probably the two hottest teams in the League but of course LeBron and the Cavs are all anyone can talk about.

But the Lil’ Dogg isn’t just anyone so this pup says, “Slow your roll folks. Slow your roll.”

Two games. These “new look” Cavaliers have played two games together. When IT first came back and played well everyone sang to high heaven about how great LeBron and IT could be as a tag team. Not so much huh.

Does this seem different? Perhaps. LeBron certainly seems to be in a good mood at the moment. But ol’ Bron Bron has the temperament of a petulant teen. One wrong glance or missed pass by Rodney Hood and the tweets and Instagram posts will start flying for sure.

And the man everyone seems to have forgotten, Kevin Love, is still sitting on the sidelines. The whole dynamic of the team, at least on court, changes when Love returns. It’s truly amazing for all the guff that guy has been through in Cleveland he’s still there.

But will the chemistry still be there come playoff time for the Cavs?


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