Apparently Uncle Drew is a real movie

The trailer for Kyrie Irving’s Uncle Drew movie is here:

Color me shocked this an actual honest-to-goodness real deal film being released into movie theaters.

A week ago the Lil’ Dogg would have bet the Dogg House this was all a marketing campaign for Sprite or Coke or whoever but now we have a trailer with Shaq, Chris Webber, and Reggie Miller….wait wait is this a TNT co-production????? Odds on Kenny the Jet and Chuck making cameos has to be even money.

The Uncle Drew character was great in 30 second commercial clips sure but a full length movie…Kyrie hasn’t let Celtics Nation down yet so maybe we’re looking at a new comedy classic. There hasn’t been a great basketball movie in a long while so here’s to hoping this is closer to White Men Can’t Jump than Juwanna Mann.


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