Guess That Ear

Happy Fat Tuesday Hi-Top Nation. No idea what Fat Tuesday is but I think it means you can eat whatever you want for lunch so go treat yourself to a Billy’s Super Beef Plate.

This morning’s G.T.E….

Former Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr:

That’s right the Lil’ Dogg said “former” cuz last night Kerr let the Warriors players coach themselves:

Golden State has been going through a self described rut though when you’re definition of tough times is going 7-3 in your last 10 and beating the Spurs by 20 well everything is relative I guess.

It is curious that Kerr decided to bust out this game “tactic” against the mighty Phoenix Suns and not, oh let’s say the Houston Rockets. But nonetheless the trick appears to have worked or at the very least has people talking about the Warriors again after a few days of non-stop Cavalier connection.

Maybe Coach Brad will try to steal this play from Kerr. He certainly needs to do something cuz if we are talking about real deal ruts the Celtics are buried in a 100 foot hole right and need some spark, any spark of life to right the ship.

Come on Coach let Big Al draw up a few plays.

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