Media Fight – Simmons vs Shank – Who Ya Got?

Media Fight! Media Fight! All hands on deck cuz we got ourselves an old fashion media on media Twitter fight.

It all started with the Sport Guy Bill Simmons calling out, well basically all of Boston media for the last 30 years:

Shank Shaughnessy took up the Call to Arms and decided to defend the city:

I gotta say in this fight everyone is a loser.

Bill Simmons using recent events to throw 30 years worth of sports reporting under the bus seems a bit suspect. What happened the last few weeks was the intersection of Talk Radio madness and 1 lazy reporter (who’s been a lazy reporter for years). In my opinion all sides are to blame on the Brady/Don Yee situation and any “old school” reporters (🗣Ed Werder) defending Borges as an innocent scribe who was duped by the mean radio people can go kick rocks. But that does excuse the fact that Sport Talk Radio is pretty much 99.9% hot garbage cuz certainly it is.

Whenever members of the media go after each other it inevitably ends up devolving into the Internet equivalent of a slap fight. No real punches thrown just a whole lot of noise and no action. And that’s what we have here.

Shank calling out Simmons as a fraud for never having a locker room beat was maybe true 10 or 15 years ago but at this point the Sports Guy has earned his bona fides. Listen the Lil’ Dogg is no Simmons Super Fan, no Matty from Wakefield holding his breath for every podcast, begging for a new “Mailbag” article with the latest Teen Wolf joke. But hey we’re bloggers here too so the idea that only “real” journalist deserve a say we’ll that’s basically the line of thinking that sent newspapers straight into the toilet over the last ten years.

This here is the epitome of the Winter Sports Doldrums but everybody’s got write about something so here we are.

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