Gronk to WWE

A wrestler called Mojo Rawley (sure why not?) is claiming that Rob Gronkowski becoming a WWE wrestler full time is a WHEN not IF question:

Now before the eye rolling gets too intense here, ol’ Mojo does actually have some bona fides to speak on this particular subject. Mojo and Gronk are bros like super tight bros. Mojo was seen in the company of the Gronkowski Clan during Super Bowl week and then there is this:

Gronk came out of the audience during Wrestlemania 33 to help…you guessed it…Mojo Rawley during a Battle Royale match.

So this is not completely unprecedented and of course the connection between outlandish athletes and Pro Wresting goes back basically forever.

Two Interesting Things to Consider

1. WWE fits Gronk waaaaaaay better than the movies or Hollywood do. The other rumor floating around recently was that Gronk was quitting football to become an actor. Again this is not exactly original, Jim Brown did it in the 60s. Gronk is no Jim Brown. He’s also not the Rock or even Dick Butkus (shout-out to My Two Dads) or hell Alex Karras. Gronk can’t act. He could however deliver terrible one-liners and pantomime being angry. He already has a wrestling name, although I think adding “The” would be the right move. Gronk is a nickname. The Gronk is a full on wrestling moniker. Obviously his finishing move will be the “69”. He already has an alliance with Mojo. In WWE he’d have to pull of about 5-10 minutes of consecutive screen time. That he could do. 90 minutes of a movie. 😬😬😬😬

2. Injuries and Concussions. If you are leaving pro football to get away from the abuse and damage to your body, well going into wrestling is like an alcoholic getting sober by going to work as a taste tester at a brewery. Probably not the best move. And if you think NFL contracts are worthless just wait until you get a load of what Vince McMahon will do to you.

Bottom line – Until we see Gronk in a one piece with knee high boots tossing elbows I’d categorize this as just yet another shot across the contract bow but of all the rumors this one at least makes some sense.

“Oh my Gawd is that The Gronk’s music I hear…”

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