The Stats From This UConn Women’s Game are Mind-boggling

The UConn Women’s Basketball team played Wichita State today. Well played is really an overstatement here. While both teams were present at the game, yes, only one team actually played.

Here’s the box score:

Don’t bother with the math – 81 points. UConn won by 81 points. The average Men’s college game doesn’t even usually get their final score into the 80s and these women are posting point differentials of 81 points.

In a 40 minute game (who knew the women played 4 quarters???? Is there any sane reason the Men still play halves other than the NCAA just flat out refuses to literally do anything logical) to get to 124 points that’s 3.1 points every minute.

Wichita St. scored 4 points in the fourth quarter. 4 points! The 4th Quarter shot chart is absolutely nuts:

Wichita St. shot 7 three pointers, missed them all. The two shots they did hit were ON THE THREE POINT LINE. You finally do something right and YOU STILL DO IT WRONG.

Meanwhile UConn apparently ran a layup line drill all quarter long. Congrats on not rubbing it in by draining threes but was Wichita St. even attempting to play defense? Every single bucket is inside the paint.

Here’s the complete game stats:

21 Steals. 21 Steals????? 21 STEALS!!!!!!! That has to be some sort of record. That’s 1 steal every other minute throughout the entire game. How is that even possible????

Listen, I know the UConn Women dominate every year and a quick glance at their 24-0 record shows a plethora of 40 and 50 point wins but 81 points just seems absurd. Like if a 10 win team can’t get within 80 of the best team then maybe it is time to re-evaluate things.


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