NBA Rewind – Mr. Irving Goes to Washington

Scrappy. Tough. Hard fought. Not pretty.

Last night is an example of a game winning teams win. A road game against a “rival” on a bit of a streak, introducing a new teammate (more on Monroe in a bit) after a long day of off-court distractions.

Boston blew a late lead and need OT to seal the win but they got the W and that’s what matters after losing ugly to Toronto. Kyrie had 28 and carried the offense late. But new addition Greg Monroe was a welcome sight. He only played 20 minutes and it will certainly take some time to fully integrate into the team but his offensive potential is just obviously so much better than what Aaron Baynes can offer. Monroe is an actual low post threat. A guy who you can dump the ball to when needed and be reasonably confident he’ll at least get off a move and a shot.

The Good

TRIII continues shooting the ball well. 2-2 from deep and 4-6 overall, he’s aggressive when he’s on the court and he’s now clearly the bench mob leader.

The Bad

The Rookie is a rookie after all. Jayson Tatum is finally consistently playing like an inconsistent rookie. 0-3 from three, 3-9 overall, his shooting form is shaky at best. Maybe there is something to that dislocated finger issue from December after all. He certainly hasn’t been the same shooter since the injury. How much is it the injury vs hitting the rookie wall? Who knows? The good news from the bad news is he’s not disappearing from games. He’s still aggressive and active. The shots just aren’t falling like they were early in the season. How this plays out only time will tell but the Celtics need his shooting, that’s for sure.

Ugly wins are important and this one was pretty ugly. No extra points for style though. Facts is facts and wins is wins. We’ll take it.


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