NBA Trade Deadline Day

Welcome to the most over hyped, underwhelming day of the NBA season.

Sure some deals will happen but I give you the Lil’ Dogg guarantee that not one “major” player will be moved. Really the only “Star” name that’s even getting tossed around at this point is DeAndre Jordan to the Cavs.

Ahhh the return of the old Clips we know and love. I guess it was a good ride of what 6 years of actual relevance. Back to the NBA trash heap you go.

The most intriguing move being floated around involves a familiar face to Boston fans:

Avery Bradley and Danny Green are names most casual fans know but they certainly aren’t Stars so I would not call this a blockbuster deal. It is interesting though. Green has been a Spurs mainstay and Pop usual keeps those guys forever and Bradley would be getting dealt for the second time in weeks after being a cog in the Blake Griffin move. Not sure this gets the Spurs any closer to Western Conference contention. It would still be Warriors and Rockets by a long mile.

Tyreke Evans

Evans is the name on everyone’s lips:

Personally I’ve never been sold on Evans as a true difference maker. I suppose he could help someone’s bench but I certainly would never argue giving up any real assets of value to acquire him. Here’s to hoping the Celtics make a hard pass on getting Tyreke.

Boston Celtics

No news is well no news and if you expect to know anything concrete before a deal is actually announced well then you haven’t been paying much attention to the way Danny Ainge operates. Basically I wouldn’t be surprised by anything including there being no moves. The Hayward Injury Exception is being used on Greg Monroe and it it can only be used on 1 guy so even if they don’t use the full monetary amount on Monroe it’s a done and done situation.

Marcus Smart is the name being tossed around the most with some real unexpected teams in the mix:

Smart, for all the guff he takes from fans on the offensive end (and the off court drama of rest weeks), is an elite defender and just an all around menace on the court who does so many “little things” that he truly could be a vital piece of a Championship puzzle. You just plain need guys like Smart to win. If the Celtics do make a deal you better believe they will want something extra sweet in return. In this pup’s expert opinion Smart stays in Boston.

Well that’s the morning overview. Stay tuned here on the site and catch us on Twitter @hitopathletics for any and all breaking news.

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