Okay so the NBA went a little nuts today

The NBA Trade Deadline may have been a bit more eventful than the Lil’ Dogg initially thought it would be. However this pup remains steadfast that the prediction regarding superstars held true. Isaiah Thomas was the biggest “name” to get moved (D-Wade is inconsequential at this point in his career) and he’s more a media story than a star player.

But yes there were deals deals and more deals and the Cleveland Cavaliers basically called a redo on their entire season:

So are the Cavs markedly better today than they were yesterday?


Hood and Hill are an upgrade, not quite a major upgrade, but an upgrade nonetheless. They got younger for sure. Nance is the real mystery here. He’s shown flashes of next level explosiveness but can he elevate from freak athlete to a full fledged great basketball player. Maybe in the future but certainly not in the next 4 months.

Flipping half your roster in the middle of a season is unprecedented. How long will the adjustment period be? They still need to add two more players as well so you’re looking at seven new guys walking into the locker room in mid-February. This is uncharted territory here. But they still have LeBron so no matter what the Cavs are a threat come playoff time. Just how big a title threat will remain to be seen for sometime now.

Other Deals Worth Noting

Elfrid Payton to the Suns. Dougie McBuckets to Dallas. Jameer Nelson to the Pistons. Ummm yeah. The most interesting development will be Payton’s hair moving from the humidity of Orlando to the dry Phoenix heat.

Close the books on NBA Trade Deadline Day. It’s on to the Buyout Super Bonanza.

Please please please Danny Ainge do not get tempted by Joe Johnson. Been there done that. No thanks.


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