Jimmy G Won’t Be Back After All

Ladies and Gentlemen, your highest paid player in the NFL is……Jimmy Garoppolo. Seriously. Jimmy. G. To quote a guy I know: “He finally has a paycheck befitting of his good looks”.

I know, I know, it seems like every time a QB signs a contract they become the “highest paid player ever”. And I know, there are many ways to spin an NFL contract when you consider how it’s structured and what is guaranteed. But the truth is, this is what it was going to take to keep Jimmy in San Francisco.

So, it’s time for me, as Le Capitaine to admit, we got this one wrong. We had solid info, but 137.5 million bucks can really change the game.

As we reported last month, the intention at the time of the trade was that Jimmy would not accept an Osweiler-type deal in San Francisco, and after being franchised would end up back here in New England. But hey, things change, and that’s life in the NFL.

Jimmy-G 49ers

The Pats’ took a risk, in taking back a 2nd rounder, hoping- as we noted in Jan- the 49’ers would use Jimmy to build up their program while they groom their own guy, and wouldn’t give him the “max deal” to lock him up long term.

So what changed? This guy came in and gave Shanahan and Lynch a glimpse at the future. He took a terrible team to five straight wins. They got caught up in it, and started working on a deal.

Ultimately it took a MAJOR financial commitment from San Fran, a deal that Jimmy never would have seen in New England, to convince him to stay. That was the risk in sending the backup QB anywhere, when ultimately you wanted him to be the next guy.

I’ve never been a Jimmy G guy, as I said the night they traded him so I’m not crying in my finely crafted New England IPA over this development. I feel that the timeline is perfect to find another guy in the next draft to groom into a successor, with a reasonable chance he ends up being on par with Garoppolo.

Do I think he sucks? No…I think he’s a pretty good QB, who is soft. He’s proven a little more to me, but still hasn’t even played half a season. The jury is still waaaay out on this guy, and he’s already got the biggest per year contract in NFL history. Glad it ain’t my money.


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