Welcome to LA – IT traded….again

NBA Trade Deadline Day is starting to heat up. There’s been a few deals but the obvious headline maker is the Cavs-Laker trade:

A couple of important points to make about this one beyond the obvious jokes about Isaiah Thomas getting sent to LA after only playing in 15 games for Cleveland.

Cap Space

The Lakers now have enough cap space to offer TWO max contracts to free agents this off-season. And low and behold guess who happens to be a free agent this summer? That’s right it’s LeBron James. The other ultra marquee name is Paul George, an LA native who’s never hidden his passion for the purple and gold.

Interesting. Very interesting.


The Isaiah Thomas Circus (mostly of his own making) since the Kyrie deal has been hard to watch to say the least. I feel for the guy, I really do. He’s been through stuff that you wouldn’t wish on anyone but the media BS is his own creation. Here’s to hoping he can get 100% healthy in LA and be happy though it’s not hard to see his stay in Hollywood will be short and his free agent market value has taken a huge hit this year. He really needs to end the year solid if he wants any shot at a big FA deal at all.

Effect on Cleveland

Does this trade make the Cavaliers markedly better right now? Not particularly. Larry Nance Jr. is a very active body, super athletic but he certainly does not solve the Cavs Point Guard issues. I’d be shocked if more moves weren’t in the cards here. Cleveland’s Guard situation is dire and after this trade it still is. IT was a HUGE defensive liability but unless they replace him with a real deal PG I don’t see how this makes Cleveland any more or less dangerous than they always were with LeBron leading the charge.

Stay tuned for more updates as more deals are announced.


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