‘Colts vs Good Decisions’ is the Only Real Rivalry

Today in Indy, Chris Ballard gave a press conference in the aftermath of the McDaniels mess. By all accounts, he handled it about as well as could be expected. I watched, and I agree generally…until his “mic drop” moment- as the kids would call it.

Rivalry?! Someone want to tell this guy there hasn’t really been a rivalry since 2006- the last time the two played a competitive playoff game.

To have a rivalry you need to have two teams of somewhat equal standing. The Colts haven’t been over .500 in 3 years, and the last two times they made the playoffs, New England eliminated them by a combined score of 88-29. They’re coming off a 5-11 season, their quarterback, according to recent reports, may be in danger of needing another shoulder surgery, and they don’t have a coach on Feb 7th.

This is also the team that kept their coach on two years too long, who hasn’t been able to answer glaring offensive line needs since Luck has arrived, and whose owner…well, so as to not kick a man while he’s down…has made some questionable decisions. It’s just an exceptionally poorly run franchise.

So, while I applaud this guy’s balls, until he proves otherwise he’s really just another in a long line of idiots in the Indy front office.

For the Colts’ part, they are certainly circling the wagons.

Local Colts reporter- and certifiable nutjob- Greg Doyel has this beaut this morning. This was a real hatchet job- both in its attack on McDaniels, and in the quality of the writing.

“Selfish little jerk”, “punk” and “loser” are the key themes. Don’t bother reading it, or anything from this fraud.


To be fair to Doyel, at least he was against the hire all along, having published a column saying so on Jan 15th.

The same cannot be said for old friend Charley Casserly, never one to pass up a chance at a cheap shot, whom they trotted out for his take on the situation:

Academeny Award? Winston Churchill? What the hell is Charley talking about.

Charley goes on to now say McDaniel’s wasn’t on his list of candidates (interesting we can’t see his list before now), and then is he implying the Colts basically only hired him because “he pursued the job”? Like, excusing them from offering it to them?

Listen, I get ripping McDaniels for this stunt- he deserves it. It was dirty pool. But I just find it funny that according to many, the Colts are somehow better off now, after having lost their first choice as coach.

Let me pose this question: If he was the wrong choice, and they picked him anyway…then why are they going to make a good one now? That isn’t logical. Not that either of these guys have ever been accused of being logical.

The only Rivalry I see involving the Colts in the near future, is “Colts vs Good Decision Making”


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