Robin Lopez throws a chair (badly)

Chicago Bulls Center Robin Lopez (the twin with the hair) got ejected last night and on his way to the locker room he paused to take out his aggression on an innocent folding chair:

His chair throwing technique is almost as bad as his hair. First, he’s just not smooth. You have to snatch whatever is in your path without breaking stride. The step to the side to grab the chair just kills the whole vibe right from the jump. Next up is the throw and boy is it awkward. Robin Lopez throws a chair like a petulant three year old throws her Paw Patrol toy. There’s something about his follow through that just screams “Whah-Whah-Whah Mommy I’m Mad!!!!!” He looks like a gigantic toddler. If I’m grading this chair throw I give it a D+.

Now let’s take a look at chair throwing Master Class:

This is an A+ chair throw by Bobby Knight. It’s smooth. It’s fluid. He gets the right combination of power and distance. There’s legit danger that a member of the crowd is going to get their shin impaled by a leg of the chair.

That’s how you throw a chair.

P.S. – This happens in 2018 and Knight is getting handcuffed before the chair reaches the other side of the court. But in 1985 he stays on the court for five more minutes berating everybody in sight. There seems to be legit debate if he’s going to get ejected. And the restraint shown by the Refs is unbelievable. The dude just threw a chair at you and you’re still engaging him in conversation. The 80’s were the best.

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