Pats’ News: McDaniels and Butler

Catching up on some of the big storylines we introduced yesterday

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The latest news is that McDaniels, in fact, will move on to Indy. PFT and Mike Florio had the story Sunday night, that he may be staying, but even they have come around to the idea he is leaving. This has been seconded by national and local sources.

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On the one hand, this takes your Offensive Coordinator, and likely BB replacement, away, but on the other hand it probably means Belichick is here at least next year, and likely hasn’t made a definitive decision on leaving in the near future.

I am choosing to believe these reports, they all seem to have pretty good sources with the Pats, and McDaniels will be gone soon. Maybe the final details aren’t agreed to, so he’s playing a little hard ball…but deal will be done.

*Update: As of 11 AM, the Colts were confirming they have officially hired Josh McDaniels. 



This situation isn’t as clear cut. Conflicting reports are flying around out there, some leaning toward a confluence of issues, including some off-field (which may be in line with our guy @JoeyPigskins

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Yet we see other reports, led by Kirk “Scoops” Minihane of WEEI- who despite his incessant mocking of most beat reporters, actually seems to have some Pats’ sources as of late- reporting there was no disciplinary element in play at all:

butler- minihane

So let’s play along with this take, shall we, and assume this is all about Butler’s play.

Butler was average at best this season, both by the “eye test” and by the numbers. Pro Football Focus- whose ratings are always cited by fans when it supports their argument, but will likely be completely discredited by those same fans who are mad at Belichick- had Butler rated as the 51st best cornerback in the league this year. So, I get not being happy with his play, and wanting him to take a lesser role in the defense.

Where this doesn’t pass the sniff test is, when the game unfolds to the point where you can’t get off the field on 3rd down, and can’t get a stop, why doesn’t Butler get some run? Everyone was getting torched besides Gilmore, so certainly Butler couldn’t have been worse. BB wants to win more than anything, so why not give it a shot.

Our take here is that, yes, this probably was initially about Butler’s play. But that something, or some confluence of things, happened to turn this from a lesser role, into a complete benching.

There have been issues with his contract, he didn’t fly with the team to Minny (allegedly sick), he could’ve had a bad week at practice, maybe was late to a meeting or missed curfew. Then, our opinion is something happened late, before the game- like he took the news really badly and there was a blowup, which led the events to unfold how they did.

If he had some something egregious enough to warrant a complete benching, and that was the main impetus for this, he probably wouldn’t have been in uniform.



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