Josh McDaniels was announced this afternoon as HC of the Colts, and at this hour, multiple reports have him as STAYING put in New England.

We told you here, that every second McDaniels is not in Indy, is a second closer to Bill leaving NE, and I fear that might be what’s going on. Here is an explanation from Mike Reiss who has some deep inside sources with NE:


Reiss is also known to be a little team friendly, if you catch my drift. So allow me to translate:

“Bill’s last year will be 2018, and Josh McDaniels will take over”

Now look, I’ve told you before, I want Bill here making all of the decisions to shape the next 10 years. The next coach and QB, especially. Well, it seems as though he’s checked off the first box- Josh McDaniels will be the next coach of the NEP, because that’s the way it looks, and because nobody else in the league will hire him in a  million years after he pulled this stunt.

Stay tuned here for more McDaniels and Pats news and analysis at it comes….


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