@OnlyinBos is the Worst and Here’s Why

We got beef.

Boston is the City of Champions. Sure we lost two days ago but we still have 10 titles in 4 sports in 16 years so the rest of the country can suck it. We demand the best and deserve the best. Mediocre gets booed out of town and that’s the way it always should be.

But there’s one mediocre entity flying the Boston flag that needs to be called out. It’s over due and when duty calls Hi-Top will answer.

The twitter account @OnlyinBos is suspect and Hi-Top will stay silent no longer.

Hi-Top follows @OnlyinBos because as a Boston based blog we wanted to be on top of things happening here in Boston. It seemed like a logical follow. But it did not take long for the logical to become illogical and then inane and finally down right terrible. We are now officially declaring hatred upon @OnlyinBos. We continue to follow @OnlyinBos but it is now a hate follow. Is there such a thing? If not we just invented it.

@OnlyinBos is a fraud account. Not in the sense that it’s a Russian bot account. By all measures the account is 100% run by an actual person. That actual person just happens to suck.

The first indication of this suckatude surfaced in the aftermath of the Jimmy Garoppolo trade. @OnlyinBos tweeted insistently about Garoppolo. Hi-Top took great offense to what we perceived to be an unnecessarily over the top reaction. Endless tweets and gifs professing an unending love for a backup QB. To say it was a bit much would be to say Lake Winnepesaukee is a nice pond.

The account appeared to be run by a 13 year old girl with a crush on Jimmy G. Sorry that’s offensive…to any 13 year old girls reading this I apologize. You would never tweeted anything that lame. So correction, the account appeared to be run by an adult male acting like how he thought a lame 13 year old girl would act.

In researching this (hit) piece (look the Lil’ Dogg is always above board this is a hit piece 100% no sense denying that) we found some evidence of the real person behind @OnlyinBos. About 3 years ago a blog ran an interview with @OnlyinBos. Here’s a few interesting nuggets:

So 4 years ago (the article is 3 years old) he was working on “startups”. A conservative guess then would be to put his age in the mid-20s range. So why then is he still posting tweets about going to “class”:

Class, mid terms, beer pong:

Either he’s trying to pass himself off as a college bro or he actually thinks these things are interesting. Either way it’s lose-lose in my book.

I’ll go no comment on his no comment and let you deduce what you will from that.

The biggest issue that drives us here at Hi-Tops crazy is the lack of original content creation. We pride ourselves on delivering unique, 100% original takes. All of our writing is our own writing. Any links to other content are purely used as context to frame our arguments. Hi-Top is not and never will be a content farm that generates clicks through other people’s work.

@OnlyinBos cannot say the same. Here’s a tweet from just today:

That quote is from Larry Bird (despite the fact that the framing makes it look like an original tweet. But the kicker is the link is to an article from 2016:

Why are you tweeting a link to a random article from 2016. And he does this ALL THE TIME.

That’s just two examples but trust that this is a regular occurrence.

The rest of his tweets are just useless garbage.

On January 17 he tweeted 5 “Celebrity” Happy Birthday Tweets IN A ROW. Here are the people:

What do Mohammad Ali, Betty White, James Earl Jones, Maury Povich and Tiesto have in common with Boston? Absolutely nothing. What do they have in common with each other (besides a birthday)? Absolutely nothing? Is it conceivable that someone somewhere would care to know all 5 of these birthdays? No. It is inconceivable. If you can find one person who cares to know when it’s Maury Povich’s birthday, well guess what? You just found Maury Povich cuz NO ONE NEEDS TO KNOW THIS!

The only reason this gets tweeted is because he follows a Celebrity Birthday account and these are “celebrities” with birthdays and you need to tweet something, anything to fill up a timeline. It’s tweeting at its worst. If a person cared about Celebrity Birthdays then they already follow some stupid celebrity birthday account. Why? Who knows? I’m only judging the stupidity of @OnlyinBos not the entire internet here.

The moral of this story is that there’s good internet and there’s bad internet. @OnlyinBos is bad internet. He’s the opposite of funny. He doesn’t create anything original. The stories he links to are years upon years old. He adds nothing of substance to a conversation.

But let’s end this on a hopeful note. Way back in that interview from 3 years ago he had this to say:

Here’s to hoping @OnlyinBos finds that idealistic original version of himself somewhere buried deep beneath the mindless celebrity birthday tweets and the Top 10 Baby Names in Boston and all the other recycled content that others create and he uses that platform of 400,000 followers (Hi-Top will get there #shinglebyshingle we promise) for good instead of stupidity.


  1. Onlyinbos is the worst, he has no content of his own, he takes from everybody, he s a 26 year old ass by the name of Devin Thomas. He hides from everyone and other media outlets have been trying to locate him ON COPY-WRITE LAWS. I wish more people would publicly call out this poor excuse of an account trying to rep Boston.

    You really should do more with this post, maybe i will post it somewhere later.


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