HTTA Exlusive(ish): McDaniels Stunt was Planned Before Super Bowl

HTTA is reporting that Josh McDaniels’ turning down of the Colts at the last minute, was in the works for a while. I’ve seen it other places…but we have it down pat. We double check our work.

Bennygloves is our lead NFL Analyst and he has some, ahem, informed opinions…if you pick up what I’m putting down. And he came to me with this scorcher a short time ago.

There has long been animosity between the Colts and Patriots, dating back to the Bill Polian days, and the rivalry was only renewed with the Colts active role in the Deflategate Sting. So, when the opportunity presented itself for McDaniels to really stick it to them, he reveled in it.

HTTA has learned that at some point before the Super Bowl, Belichick shared his intentions with his coaching staff about his future in NE. At that time, Josh knew he’d be in line to be the next HC here…and now he had a definitive timeline. This would also explain the story that leaked Sunday night, about Josh to Indy not being a done deal.

Well, rather than informing the Colts, Josh and Bill plotted to keep them in the dark, believing they had their next coach locked up to a deal. It went so far that Josh led them on to the point where they announced that the hiring was official, today on twitter and through various news outlets.

To be clear, we still believe Bill will coach the team in 2018, and either transition to a new role, or retire completely, with McDaniels taking over coaching duties. But more on that as it develops.


Just when I thought this team was in trouble….they rise again. Proud to be a Pats’ fan.


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