Guess That Ear

It’s been 48 hours (roughly I don’t do math before 10 AM) since the Super Bowl Sunday Meltdown/Massacre/Mistake by the Lake (there’s a lake every ten feet in Minnesota – I don’t know – some one should work on a proper nickname here) anywho there’s really only 1 Ear that everybody in New England wants to chew…

New England Patriots Head Coach (for now) Bill Belichick

Look 5 rings and 8 Super Bowl appearances buy you all the leeway in the world and nobody should be second guessing decisions but actual honest answers are not too much to ask for.

Personally the whole “Nothing to see here, next question” routine crossed the line from charming to annoying with the Brady Hand Incident. That media circus was 100% self created by the Patriots. If they come out and say, ” Brady cut his hand, needs stitches, intends to play through it” then all the BS never happens.

Now we have this Malcolm Butler situation. Just be straight forward and honest. That’s all Patriot Nation wants. If it truly was a “football decision” then explain why – Butler hasn’t practiced well, he doesn’t cover X and Y routes well, etc etc. And why are you making football decisions of this magnitude minutes before kickoff? If it was disciple related then why was he on the sideline? Why did he get on the field at all?

Just answer the damn questions Belichick.

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