Truck Day Is Stupid

We don’t do truck day, because it’s a phony, fabricated, manufactured thing, and is for losers. There is nothing I hate more than forced tradition.

If you went to truck day…sorry to be the one to have to tell you this.


This whole thing started years ago, where to fill the void following the Super Bowl, the local news would send the backup sports anchor over to the Fens with a  camera and have him do a quick live shot. There was nobody standing outside cheering. But Larry and Dr Charles saw an opportunity for “outreach”- aka, selling t-shirts and 8 dollar hot chocolates- and turned this into an event.

We at HTTA love baseball season, but watching some chain-smoking degenerate drive a truck filled with sunflower seeds down a side street has nothing to do with baseball. It’s moronic.

BTW, the freaking Red Sox are worth like 3 billion dollars…they can’t pay to fly the goddamn equipment there? Or just buy separate equipment for here and Florida???


red sox truck


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