Super Bowl Fallout: Questions, Questions, Questions

Yo…this shit ain’t right. I wasn’t mentally or emotionally prepared for a Patriots’ loss last night. Not at all. I fully expected- as I’m sure most of you did- right up until the fumble, that they were going to pull it out.

But now, as we all move beyond the loss, there seems to be a weird vibe. Losses tend to turn everything on its head in general, but this feels different. A lot of questions are swirling, and I think we’re going to see some bombshell developments coming in the near future.

Just to reset where we stand…

Brady’s Future: He seemed to indicate he’s not going anywhere, but he’ll be 41…not a slam dunk. He has houses all over, a supermodel wife, 3 kids, couple hundred mill in the bank…wouldn’t exactly be nuts for him to walk away.


Bob, Belichick and Brady: As we’ve been covering...this pissing match is something that needs to be dealt with. Are they meeting? When? What will the result be???


Belichick: Has he lost the locker room? Will he stay? There seem to be a few suggestions, here and there, that his time with NE may be coming to an end sooner than later. I still feel pretty confident he’ll be here in 2018, but these little murmurs are very interesting. NOBODY has mastered the anonymous media leaks like Billy B, so I’m always at attention when I see a rumor about him.


Josh McDaniels: All of a sudden, there are rumblings he might NOT take the Indy job? If you like the idea of Belichick sticking around, this is concerning. Every minute Josh isn’t announced in Indy, the speculation grows. If he’s here for 2018, that means he’ll be HC of the NEP very, very soon.



The Butler Saga:  Very, very puzzling. Look, I’m driving the “Malcolm Butler isn’t actually very good” bandwagon (well, Pro Football Focus is driving, but I’m riding shotgun) but certainly he is one of the Pats’ best 3 Corners. So he better have banged Linda, or taken a swing at somebody in the locker room…because if we find out he didn’t play because he was 5 mins late to the team pancake breakfast, I’ll be pissed.



Gronkowski:  As Lil Dogg covered this morning…WTF is going on here? He’s going to retire??? I’m not as worried here, to me he just jumped 3 moves ahead in contract negotiations, but it bears watching.


Dion Lewis and Nate Solder Free Agency:  Let’s be honest…nobody cares.


We’ll be on top of all of this as best we can. We’ll be watching twitter for you, checking in with sources, and giving our takes on all the Pats’ goings on…so stick with HTTA.

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